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PCB Stencil Cleaner

Compatible with NanoSlic

UC100X Ultra Clean water based PCB stencil cleaner was specifically developed to be compatible with stencils coatings such as NanoSlic. NanoSlic Gold is inherently chemically resistant and will not be affected by the large majority of commercial stencil cleaners. But there are some stencil cleaners on the market that have high pH which will attack the coating over time during ultra sonic cleaning.

NanoSlic Gold stencil coating has been extensively tested with UC100X chemistry and has withstood over extended periods of cleaning cycles.

Stencil Cleaner

UC100X was developed and manufactured by SMT chemists at FCT Solder. Contact FCT Solder for more information on UC100X and other SMT chemistries.

BlueRing Stencils works closely with strategic partners such as FCT Solder to provide comprehensive solutions for SMT engineers. We utilize our relationships to research, develop and test our products in real world applications to discover the latest yield improvements.

PCB stencil cleaner