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VectorGuard® Stencil Mounting System

Cost-effective, High-Yield

The VectorGuard® stencil mounting system, developed by DEK, has been a popular frameless stencil choice since its invention in 2004. The revolutionary system utilizes a single reusable frame into which various stencil foils can be interchanged depending on the manufacturer’s needs. The VectorGuard® system also delivers more consistent printing by ensuring even, consistent tension across the stencil, even after many uses. Traditional mesh-mounted stencils have a tendency to sag later in their lifespan. VectorGuard® is easy to load, unload, store and clean, and requires very little storage space.


Advantages of VectorGuard®:

Easy to use:
Safe handling:
Hole quality:
Enhanced rigidity:
Space efficient:

High accuracy foil tension and alignment is automatic, minimizing training investment and reducing mounting time to seconds
An extruded aluminum guard is securely attached to the foil through interlocking molded plastic corners
Quality is guaranteed through proven, state-of-the-art laser-cutting equipment
Retrieve, tension and adjust the foil with confidence
Protective cassettes reduce storage space by up to 75% compared to conventional stencils
Stencils are reusable, boosting cost-efficiency and convenience
Global, standardized design and manufacturing network

Also Try: Apshen Quick Mount Stencil

A Highly Effective VectorGuard® Alternative

BlueRing’s own Apshen is an effective, simple, frameless quick mount stencil, which is fully compatible with VectorGuard® systems. Apshen has a very reliable tension system, are quick to attach and detach, and make a solid connection for the life of the stencil. The inward edge of the cap is beveled to a thin edge so as not to interfere with printing. Overall, Apshen stencils are comparable to VectorGuard® stencils, work in the VectorGuard® system, and are more cost-effective than VectorGuard® stencils.