Ask the Experts

Greg Smith

Manager of Stencil Technology


Greg Smith has worked in the electronics assembly industry since 1989. He was the owner and President of a stencil manufacturing company for 23 years prior to joining FineLine Stencil (FLS).  Since the merger of FLS and MET, Greg has been utilizing his decades of experience to help customers with stencil design and manages BlueRing Stencils Root Cause Analysis services which assists customers in identifying yield problems. As the Manager of Stencil Technology and author of various industry research papers, Greg’s knowledge and expertise is vital to the success of BlueRing Stencils.

Bill Kunkle

Technical Service Manager


Bill Kunkle has been working with Surface Mount Technology stencil printing technologies for 28 years. Throughout his years in the industry, Bill has held various technical positions including Technology Manager, Quality Manager, Technical Services, and General Manager. He has influenced stencil printing technologies since the early 90s, and his work has contributed to the advancement and development of today’s high volume production stencils. Bill has received numerous IPC Distinguished Committee Service Awards and has participated in various industry research papers which allows him to continue influencing the assembly industry.