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CAD-matic is a dedicated stencil and pad design tool. This powerful tool delivers all the features needed for complete control of your solder paste stencil creation, modification, verification and reporting. Powerful enough to provide automatic detection and conversion of components using Footprint Libraries and Shape Sets, yet flexible enough to handle unusual data. Cad-matic gives you full command over your solder paste stencil design requirements.


What do we offer?

Faster Turn Time

Less Human Error

Area Ratio Rule Check

Saves & Stores Complex Edits

  • BlueRing Stencils can quickly and easily build your specific footprint library for use on all your cut jobs.
  • We offer detailed reporting to help complete your design with full control and knowledge of your process.
  • Once your footprints are identified, we can simulate a print by generating your paste layer to discover any problem areas.
  • Support standard industry file types including Gerber, IPC-2581, ODB++, GenCAD, GerbTool, Barco DPF, Pads ASCII, CAM350, HPGL, DXF and more…

Sample Area Ratio Report