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Mesh Weld Bonding

BlueRing Stencils uses a patented process for foil to mesh bonding called “Mesh Weld”. This process, using pressure, heat and a plastic edging, has eliminated the problematic epoxy bonds that are seen on traditional SMT Stencils frames. The Mesh Weld process has been proven to create a permanent bond with hundreds of thousands of stencils in the field without one recorded de-bond failure.

This process allows the bond to be impervious to the most aggressive cleaning solutions that are standard in today’s SMT industry; including high-temperature cleaning, ultra-sonic, or even harsh chemistry. Mesh Weld has been the standard for mesh-to-foil bonding for the past seven years. Never worry about unexpected stencil failures that cause SMT process delays and ultimately cost money.

Mesh Weld Bonding
Mesh Weld Bonding
Patented Bonding Process
No Problematic Epoxy Bonds
Withstands Aggressive Cleaning

What is Mesh Weld?