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Laser Parts from BlueRing

Why use BlueRing for Laser Parts?

Expert Advice

We work with engineers on specific design requirements to achieve a competitive advantage.

Fast Processing

Our laser systems can process at speeds of up to 300mm/s making our lasers a superior manufacturing method to stamping.

Cost Effective

Because our processing speeds are extremely fast, you will discover that laser cutting is remarkably affordable.

Accuracy & Precision

We have laser systems with resolution down to 10 nano-meters which allows for repeatable accuracy to 1 micron.

High-Quality Part Edges

Unlike stamping or machining, lasers use no contact processing which offers minimal thermal influence and burr-free parts.

Efficient Systems

Our lasers typically use less than 1/10th the energy of others, which allows better processing of thin materials from 0.01mm to 2mm.