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Frameless Stencil Technology

Frameless stencil systems offer flexibility and versatility for your SMT process. By utilizing a single reusable frame into which different stencil foils can be placed, frameless stencil systems are excellent for low-volume productions, prototyping, and whenever frequent stencil changes are needed. Modern frameless stencil systems like VectorGuard or our Apshen quick mount stencil system provide high quality, consistent, and cost-effective results.

Frameless Stencil Offerings



BlueRing’s own Apshen quick mount stencil is an effective, simple, frameless stencil, fully compatible with VectorGuard® systems. Apshen has a very reliable tension system, are quick to attach and detach, and make a solid connection for the life of the stencil. Overall, Apshen stencils are comparable to VectorGuard® stencils, work in the VectorGuard® system, and are more cost-effective than VectorGuard® stencils. 



The VectorGuard® stencil mounting system, developed by DEK, has been a popular frameless stencil choice since 2004. The revolutionary system utilizes a single reusable frame into which various stencil foils can be interchanged depending on the manufacturer’s needs. BlueRing carries the entire VectorGuard system, as well as VectorGuard stencils, and storage systems for easier, quicker access.