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Motor Laminations

Recently, the Motor Lamination industry has moved towards thin and ultra-thin gauge silicon steels which offers many benefits over conventional lamination materials and processes. Our high-speed, high-precision laser systems are perfectly suited and offer a huge advantage for motor laminations. We can provide accuracy and laser cut capability at incredible speeds, for all electrical steel materials from 0.002” to 0.030″.

motor laminations

Thin and ultra-thin gauge Silicon Steels of 0.004” and below offer many benefits over conventional electrical steel. Some of the advantages include, improved power density, significant reduction of losses and improved efficiency of any electrical motor.

Laser Processing Specifications

Material ProcessingFrom 0.01MM to 2MM (Electrical Steel)
Process WindowUp to 1.5M X 1M
Positioning CapabilityFeature Accuracy ± 1µM
Aperture Repeatability <1µM
Resolution 10nM
MotionSpeed up to 300 mm/s
Max Acceleration 9G
InspectionCamera Vision System Including Auto Alignment
Data TransferStandard File Formats, RS274X, DXF