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Frameless Stencil

Apshen Quick Mount Stencil

Apshen is an effective, simple, frameless quick mount stencil. This stencil has a very reliable tension system. They`re quick to attach and make a solid connection for the life of the stencil. The inward edge of the cap is beveled to a thin edge so as not to interfere with printing. Contact us to take advantage of this unique technology.

frameless stencil
Apshen Quick Mount

Space saving
Reduced cost from traditional frames
More sturdy/rigid than the VectorGuard foil

Stencil Sizes:
584×584 (23×23)
584×736 (23×29)
736×736 (29×29)

Base Mold-
CP Pryme® Nylon
Will NOT be corroded or degraded by cleaning solvents
Aluminum 6061
Anodized Blue and/or Green for lead free applications

Fully compatible with storage folders; custom storage racks are available.

To keep the foils safe from dirt or damage, and to keep them readily accessible, BlueRing, Inc. has designed and created a perfect storage system for them that’s economical, efficient, and space-saving. Store up to 600 stencils in only one storage rack! Additionally, since the stencil foils are already mounted in Aluminum Extrusions, handling is safe – no metal cuts to the hands.

Apshen Quick Mount