Frameless Stencil

Apshen Quick Mount Stencil

Apshen is an effective, simple, frameless quick mount stencil. This stencil has a very reliable tension system. They`re quick to attach and make a solid connection for the life of the stencil. The inward edge of the cap is beveled to a thin edge so as not to interfere with printing. Contact us to take advantage of this unique technology.

frameless stencil

Space saving
Reduced cost from traditional frames
More sturdy/rigid than the VectorGuard foil

Stencil Sizes:
584×584 (23×23)
584×736 (23×29)
736×736 (29×29)

Base Mold-
CP Pryme® Nylon
Will NOT be corroded or degraded by cleaning solvents
Aluminum 6061
Anodized Blue and/or Green for lead free applications

Fully compatible with storage folders; custom storage racks are available.

To keep the foils safe from dirt or damage, and to keep them readily accessible, BlueRing, Inc. has designed and created a perfect storage system for them that’s economical, efficient, and space-saving. Store up to 600 stencils in only one storage rack! Additionally, since the stencil foils are already mounted in Aluminum Extrusions, handling is safe – no metal cuts to the hands.