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VectorGuard® System

VectorGuard® is a patented frame-less stencil tension system offering significant advantages over conventional stencil technologies. Taking all the advantages of frame-mounted stencil systems, VectorGuard® improves upon them and delivers a solution capable of meeting diverse manufacturing requirements. This stencil system is easy to load, unload, store and clean. It requires the least amount of storage space. This innovative system eliminates the need for a loading jig. The surrounding thin aluminum extrusion enhances operator safety and provides for easy handling.



Easy to use
Safer handling
Hole quality
Enhanced rigidity
Space efficient

High accuracy foil tension and alignment is automatic, minimizing training investment and reducing mounting time to seconds
An extruded aluminum guard is securely attached to the foil through interlocking molded plastic corners
Quality is guaranteed through proven, state-of-the-art laser-cutting equipment
Retrieve, tension and adjust the foil with confidence
Protective cassettes reduce storage space by up to 75% compared to conventional stencils
Stencils are reusable, boosting cost-efficiency and convenience
Global, standardized design and manufacturing network