Reliability Matters: A Podcast Discussing Reliability of Circuit Assemblies

Tune in to Episode 32 of Mike Konrad’s podcast Reliability Matters! FCT Assembly Field Application Engineer, Tony Lentz, and BlueRing Stencils Manager of Stencil Technology, Greg Smith, were recently featured as special guests on this podcast which focuses on the Reliability of Circuit Assemblies.

As stated in the title, Mike Konrad airs A Conversation with Greg Smith and Tony Lentz About Stencil Design and Void Reduction. Voiding is a key concern in specific electronic applications including automotive and LED electronic manufacturing. Greg and Tony published a paper entitled “Root Cause Stencil Design for SMT Component Thermal Lands”. 

Reliability Matters: A Podcast Discussing Reliability of Circuit Assemblies

Greg was the owner and President of a stencil manufacturing company for 23 years prior to joining FineLine Stencil (FLS). Since the merger of FLS and MET, Greg has been utilizing his decades of experience to help customers. He writes and presents white papers, works with customers on stencil design and performs root cause analysis to improve customer yields.

Tony has extensive experience doing research and development, quality control, and technical services with products used to manufacture and assemble printed circuit boards. He has published and presented many papers at industry events and is a Speaker of Distinction with SMTA.

Listen to this informative podcast to find out what strategies Greg and Tony suggest in order to alleviate problems in electronics assembly. Learn more about low-voiding solder pastes, stencil design, best practices, and other practical approaches to void reduction. Low-voiding solder paste is a great place to start when experiencing voiding issues, but there are numerous other factors to take into consideration as well.

Greg and Tony are happy to share their expertise! For more information on this topic, reach out to our industry experts!

Tony Lentz can be reached here: [email protected]

Greg Smith can be reached here: [email protected]