ElectroSlic Laser Cut

ElectroSlic Laser Cut Stencils are made by using a combination of two different stencil manufacturing technologies. This hybrid stencil combines electroforming nickel and laser cutting to offer superior paste release, optimal transfer efficiency and precise aperture registration.

We start by electroforming a blank foil using an immersion nickel bath where nickel atoms follow an electrical current and are deposited at the specified thickness. We then, utilize the most advanced lasers in the industry to laser cut apertures with ultimate precision and speed.

ElectroSlic Stencils offer a great combination of high durability and speed.

Advantages of Electroform Stencils:

Lowest area ratios offering superior paste release
Nickel alloy is harder than standard stainless steel and lasts twice as long
Unlimited thickness capability to optimize transfer efficiency
Rapid turnaround to meet the tightest delivery requirements
Stencil can be mounted for all frame types including frameless
Add NanoSlic Gold on ElectroSlic for even lower transfer efficiency